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Things a Newbie Should Know About Email Marketing
Have you started marketing your online business? To hit the ground running, you must waste no time in letting the world know that you exist and you have something of value to them. For starters, that would be sending out emails, as many you can without with spamming. Email marketing is fast, cheap, can reach anywhere in the world, to a very vast number of potential customers. There is, however, a good and a bad time to send emails. It is important for you to know these. Your productivity hinges on it. The "proper time," if there is such a thing, of sending emails is largely dependent on consumer email list people's habits of opening their email boxes. Hence, for your emails to have a greater probability of being read, send them when people are inclined to read them. When is that, precisely? These tips should guide you well:  Most people check their emails between 6 AM to 8 AM. They scan their mailboxes to see what to Open, Save or Delete. People are most inclined to open emails from real people, or people they know. Though I don't have the habit of thrashing emails, but statistics show that people thrash emails received between the late parts of the evening and early morning hours. They assume these are from auto-responders since no sane person will be up sending emails during this time.Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are observed to be good to send out promotional emails, while Fridays and Saturdays for consumer emails.On Mondays, people are anxious to know what transpired during the weekend and are eager to open their inboxes

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