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What Are Available Inventory Days And How To Calculate Them
When it comes to inventory management, you might wonder how long your inventory will last before it runs out or how quickly you will go through it. In the world of e-commerce and physical retail, your inventory levels can make or break your business. With accurate stock levels, you can ensure that customers will be able to buy what they need without having to subscribe to "back in stock" notifications. Calculating and tracking how quickly you're going through inventory is where the inventory days available metric comes in. 

We've covered stock forecasting in depth to show how you calculate how much stock you need. Combined with days of inventory available, you can use these two metrics to determine how fast your products are selling on average and accurately predict future inventory levels. It's increasingly difficult for e-commerce businesses to Buy Email Database predict accurate inventory as new customers may come in from all over the world, making demand harder than ever to predict. 

In addition to general growth, you should consider major online shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, Independence Day, and other big promotions or flash sales. that you arrange to ensure that your business has the right amount of product to ship. Without getting accurate projections, you may encounter many canceled or delayed orders and angry customers, which can then turn into negative reviews and comments for your business. 

While inventory turnover rate is one of the best indicators of how effectively a business is turning over inventory and generating sales from that inventory, days of inventory available lets you know when it's time to replenish inventory levels. If days of available inventory are low, inventory turns will be high (and vice versa). Here are three reasons why inventory days on hand are important to your business.

What are available inventory days? Days of stock on hand (or stock days on hand) measures how quickly a business uses up its stock levels on average. Accurately calculating available days of inventory allows businesses to minimize stock-outs.

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