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Biodegradable paper reduce waste
Today, biodegradable food containers and other tableware products must be used to reduce the world’s environmental waste in landfills. Compostable products also help reduce our dependence on chemical needs, because compost is a natural fertilizer for plants. Environmentally friendly disposable paper plates, food service packaging and food containers are a positive step in the right direction to achieve the goal of zero waste. Surprisingly, this biodegradable tableware can be placed in a microwave oven and can be frozen or refrigerated-so the food can be kept warm or refrigerated according to your needs.
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Our environment is the most important asset of the planet, so everyone must learn to improve their knowledge to ensure that it is protected from further erosion. Biodegradable food packaging is environmentally friendly because it provides beneficial microorganisms and organic matter to the soil, thereby improving soil structure, porosity and density.
Biodegradable disposable plates and other products can also increase the water retention capacity of the soil, thereby reducing erosion and leaching, especially in sandy soils. It can also increase the permeability and permeability of heavy soils, thereby reducing runoff. As compostable and biodegradable food containers are moved from landfills, methane causes less air pollution.
In recent years, the amount of waste transferred from landfills has quadrupled-but less than 9%-which means that 81% of waste will still go to landfills. Most of the composting program for municipal and state landfills is leaves, grass, and yard garbage. This is very helpful, but the use of biodegradable products will greatly improve programs everywhere.
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The types of biodegradable tableware products include plates, bowls, trays, food containers, cups and tableware, and tableware. You can get environmentally friendly disposable boxes from Hyde. All the biodegradable and compostable tableware and food service items we provide meet the very strict requirements of the testing laboratory, using radiocarbon analysis to determine the proportion of organic carbon from renewable resources.

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